Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ultimate pickup line: "Yeah, I write poetry..."

There was a time long before these days,
when poetry was all the craze!
Just where it all started still remains a mystery,
but many ancient societies maintained an oral history.

The oldest surviving poem is the Epic of Gilgamesh,
which is about a king who lived, breathed and had flesh.
Poetry was born long before reading or writing,
and has recorded epic battles and much fighting!

The Hebrews used poetry to preserve their law,
and Moses used it to record all he saw.
The Old Testament has plenty of Proverbs and Pslams,
and even instructions for making sacrifices for Alms.
Later, Shakespear would be rich enough to afford a bath a day,
and would marry an older woman named Anne Hatheway.
Robert Greene, his rival, would start to jealously resent,
but not the Robert Greene who collaborated with 50 cent!

Europeans had their sonnets;
the Japanese made their haiku.
The Irish specialized in limerick
and the French even have rondeau!
Free verse,
can be dynamic!
Or your pentameter
can be iambic!

There's poetry to make you cry;
there's poetry to make you laugh.
There's poetry for when you die!
It's called an epitaph!

Poetry would continue to evolve every day,
until there was no emotion it couldn't convey.
Pretty soon it reached its prime,

Aaron's Thoughts:
When it comes to poetry I'm a fan.
Some say at writing it I'm the man!
But one thing I can't understand
is why the airwaves of poetry are polluted
with messages so esoteric and convuluted.

Daniel's Thoughts:
art, language
capturing, transmitting, evoking
I used to write.

The Bottom Line:
If you're a believer or you're a skeptic,
The history of poetry is quite epic!
Just don't let your attitude be septic!
Perhaps you should write some, if you dare!
But in the end, you had to be there!

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